We are here to help you during those tough times when a relationship has ended for one reason or another.

Child Custody

The future of your children is your primary concern and so child custody is the top concern for us at the Law Offices of Matthew Smurda.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements (aka “Prenups”) are an excellent protective measure that should be taken by anyone who is considering marriage and wants to protect his or her assets or income.

Child Support

Support of a chid is an obligation and something we protect with a high amount of care at the Law Offices of Matthew Smurda.

Our Philosophy

The family is the greatest unit created and so it is part of our mission to uphold family roles and obligations with the upmost care and importance.

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We help families that have extenuating circumstances and are in need of legal help or protection.


At the Law Offices of Matthew Smurda you have an advocate that will be your representation in any legal matter you facing in your family matter.


At the Law Offices of Matthew Smurda, we treat all of our clients like they are our own family and deal with your case with the utmost integrity.


It is typically a last resort, but an area in which we have a tremendous amount of success at the Law Offices of Matthew Smurda.


We have the proven experience from the successful cases we have taken on and won. 


We understand your situation and we have the compassion to deal with your delicate family situation with care.

Meet Matthew Smurda

Learn why Matthew Smurda is the best choice to represent you with your Family Law issues.

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Happy Clients

Our happy clients are the reason we are in business.  We are not only here to be your advocate, but to see your case through the a successful end.

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Allison White

“I can’t say enough good things about Matt Smurda. He is so smart, nice, and helped me through a very difficult time.”

Andrea Friedlander

“Matthew Smurda saved me from making legal mistakes and guided me in the right direction with the thought, care, and sensitivity that I needed to help me move forward.”

Romana Zvereva

“Matthew Smurda saved my sanity and helped me navigate through every moment of the process with professionalism, courtesy, and in a timely manner. As a result I was able to avoid court procedures and enormous fees.”

Karen Waite

“Matthew Smurda was always available to answer any questions that I had and I always felt important to him.”

Family Law News

Follow family law news at the Law Offices of Matthew Smurda to stay up-to-date with all the happenings in the tumultuous world of family law.

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